Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ask and you will be answered

About networking and telecommunication matters...just post a question and you will be answered....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

IT problems and solutions

problem: cannot connect to the communication equipment where my pc is directly connected to the power over ethernet(poe) of the equipment and also it is already powered up.The equipment is properly working and the poe had no problem also.
solution: try to check the physical layer of the network because if there is no problem with the equipment and also it's poe,i am very sure that the problem is in your medium of connection specificaly the cable you use.There are two types of patchcord that are commonly used today,the straight cable and the crossover cable.If you are using straight cable there's a possibility that you cannot access your equipment, because all of the poe will work with crossover cable but there are some that will work with straight cable but to be sure you should use the crossover cable.
problem:don't know how to access the vonage voip router
solution:if you have problem accessing your vonage voip router like you forgot the pasword,the only solution to that is reset the vonage router to default,there is a reset button located near the input power just press it and if it is not in its DHCP mode just change the ip address of your pc to and a subnet mask of,save the set ip and then connect a cable from the vonage router to your pc's lan card,open a web browser and type this ip then click enter the login page should appear.For the username and password they both have the same word to type,"user"and then click enter so that the graphical configuration internface should appear.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is networking for you?

I am junrey and networking for me is a collection of independent comunication devices that shares files and data over a single shared medium.